All You Need For Insulation and Electrical Testing is One Tool

The FLIR IM75 is both an advanced multifunction digital multimeter and premier handheld insulation tester for installation, troubleshooting and maintenance professionals. The IM75 includes several specialty insulation modes including: Polarization Index, Dielectric Absorption and Earth Bond Resistance. Insulation tests can be performed instantly, continuously and over a timed duration for in-depth assessment.

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Insulation Resistance - Max Range
4M to 20GΩ
Insulation Resistance - Basic Accuracy
Insulation Test Voltages - Max Range
50, 100, 250, 500 and 1000V
Insulation Test Voltages - Basic Accuracy
DC Voltage - Max Range
DC Voltage - Basic Accuracy
AC Voltage - Max Range
1000.0 V
AC Voltage - Basic Accuracy
VFD AC Voltage - Max Range
VFD AC Voltage - Basic Accuracy
Earth Bond Resistance - Max Range
40Ω to 40KΩ
Earth Bond Resistance - Basic Accuracy
Capacitance - Max Range
10 mF
Capacitance - Basic Accuracy
Frequency (ACV) - Max Range
Frequency (ACV) - Basic Accuracy
+/- 5 digits
Diode Test - Max Range
Diode Test - Basic Accuracy
Continuity - Max Range
Continuity - Basic Accuracy

General Information

IP Rating, Drop Test
IP 54, 2m (6.6’)
Category Rating
CAT III-1000V, CAT IV-600V
Bluetooth Range
10m (32’)
Battery Type
6 x AAA
99 internal storage locations
Operating Temperature
32 to 122°F (0 to 50°C)
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